Saturday, 10 October 2015
Irish Premier DivisionLongford -Sligo Rovers1 - 1
Northern Irish PremiershipCarrick Rangers-Coleraine1 - 2
Welsh LeagueAirbus UK -Port Talbot 2 - 0


Thursday, 08 October 2015
Northern Irish PremiershipBallinamallard-Glenavon0 - 1


Wednesday, 07 October 2015
Welsh LeagueBala Town -Aberystwyth 0 - 1


Monday, 05 October 2015
Romanian LeaguePetrolul Pl.-ACS Poli Timisoara 1 - 1
Serbian LeaguePartizan -Cukaricki 0 - 1
Greek LeagueAsteras Tr.-Platanias Ch.1 - 1
Cypriot LeagueE.N.P-Apoel0 - 5
Finnish LeagueIFK Mariehamn-RoPS1 - 0
French LeagueParis S.G.-Marseille2 - 1
Danish LeagueMidtjylland-AGF Aarhus 2 - 0
Italian LeagueFiorentina-Atalanta3 - 0
Spanish LeagueA. Madrid-R. Madrid1 - 1
Belgian LeagueAnderlecht-KV Mechelen1 - 1
Norwegian LeagueStart-Rosenborg0 - 4
Bulgarian LeagueLitex L.-Levski S.1 - 2
Croatian LeagueRijeka-NK Zagreb4 - 1
Portuguese LeagueFC Porto-Belenenses4 - 0
Turkish LeagueFenerbahce-Akhisar2 - 2
Ukrainian LeagueVorskla-Dynamo Kyiv0 - 4



























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